Now or Never #4

Every two years GEM, museum for contemporary art, puts the spotlight on artists who have just graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. The selection of director Benno Tempel consists of seven Fine Arts alumni of the 2016 and 2017 highlights: Maria Bigaj, Lydia Buijs, Thijs Jaeger, Luis Maly, Renée van Roekel, Suzie van Staaveren and Gitte Svendsen. Together they present their diverse and surprising work in Now or Never # 4.

Thijs Jaeger

The sculptures and installations of Thijs Jaeger (1990) embody his research into the ever-expanding network of wireless systems. Is there a connection between these networks, religion and conspiracy theories? What is the current counterpart of the classic transmitter-receiver model? With tangled cables, antennas, 3D printed fountains and mysterious green mucus, he presents his findings in a way that often raises more questions than answers in the viewer. In addition, he produces stickers for the exhibition that will be for sale in the museum shop. Jaeger: "The sticker is an old-fashioned form to spread an ideology on the street. By means of sticker designs I try to spread my view of the world "

Photo's: Tommy Smits